Tandem Introductory Flights

A safe, fun and exhilarating  paragliding adventure with an experienced professional pilot.

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Paragliding Lessons

One-on-One lessons from a professional instructor with over 25 years of paragliding and teaching experience.

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Safe and Sound

10,000 flights and 21 years later, our safety record remains perfect to this day. We let the numbers speak for themselves, because your assurance is of utmost priority.

Passion Propelled

We were founded upon our love for gliding, not the desire for bills in our pockets. Simply, we want you to have as much fun as we do. Our team will make sure that happens.

No Nickeling or diming:

Delivering a personalized, one-on-one experience is our mission. If your flight is less than 20 minutes, we will give you another one. We take customer satisfaction seriously.

Air Squared Paragliding tandem in flight

Next Steps...

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